The Entrance History

Everyone has fond memories of The Entrance. It has always been an appealing holiday destination and in more modern years it has become a wonderful place for retirees to live and also raise young families.

The natural resources have always made the town very special. Where else could you find the magnitude of magnificent waterways on offer, all of which are perfect for relaxation.

The Entrance has been known by several names. In 1911, it was called Karagi (the Aboriginal meaning is the entrance or doorway). The local people of the day decided that they prefer the English version of the name, so in that year the town became The Entrance.

The town has seen many changes and encountered many ups and downs, but The Entrance still offers a marvelous shopping strip, a carnival atmosphere, sun and surf, just as it always has. 

People flocked there from all walks of life and never went away unhappy. The townspeople were friendly and welcomed tourists with open arms.